Sitapura IT Park is a place of hustle and bustle, of busy people, businessmen, executives always buzzing about town, rushing to and from their jobs or meetings. And at the very other side this place is led by young chaps, following their college schedule and passing by, the most crucial time of one’s life. But no one has much time to stop, take a long breath and feed their hungry-selves.

Well, working on a weekend [ I don’t wanna taco bout it 😦 ] we found ourselves stranded coz of scarcity of restaurants in close proximity, and were pessimistically looking for a decent place to devour at. Zomato backed us again, finally we stumbled upon LEGEN – wait for it…. – DARY. That’s right.. Legendary restaurant. (The ‘wait for it’ part is actually relevant, I’ll get back to it soon).


It’s a neat little place with simple furnishing and tidy ambience. Sometimes simple is good. Their menu has a variety of dishes to offer. We ordered Aloo-Paranthas as we were ravenous but also decided to order some appetisers to size up the place.The Egg Cheese Bun was a toothsome dish with a plain egg omelette amidst buns accompanied with a slice of cheese. Hmm that’s right!! Delicious!!.

Cheese Omelette bun

Next came the Chinese Veg Rolls, and as I said somethings are better when kept simple. This crispy roll with medium spiced stodgy chowmein filling was one of them. Frankly I didn’t expect much from the place but it turned out to be quite a find.

Chinese Veg Roll

The main course, Aaloo Onion Paranthas were too ordinary though the filling could have used a little more seasoning as it was just a little bit of a flat taste. However complaining isn’t a good idea, when you are short of something :).

Aalo Pyaz Prantha

Lastly before concluding, would like to mention the service. Attentive and hospitable staff. One of them engaged with us and guided us at the proper table where four of us could fit it in comfortably. But the orders took quite sometime  as we were counting every tick so that we can get back to the place asap. (office break)

So winding up, this place ranks on higher side if value for money parameter considered and would like to RECOMMEND everyone if you are nearby!

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