After spending few minutes there, it seems like being in limelight 🔭 for a long time, their staff have pretermitted the common legacy of convivial atmosphere that should be flowing through every corner of a restaurant 😡. But that too would have been passable if the forage has ended up with a pleasing meal which regrettably 😔, wasn’t our case.

Heard it somewhere that, Waiting is a trap. There will always be reasons to wait. The truth is, there are only two things in life, reasons and results, and reasons simply don’t count.

But the countable part was also as dispiriting as when you desire a particular thing but when you open the gift box and you found out its broken. Accordingly, rating the food under lower part of mediocre zone convincingly justifies the price i paid💰.
We were led through a babble of conversations accompanied with clatter of cutlery for the entire time of the fellow dinners 👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 and “professional” staff of the restaurants. I think the idea of eating the dinner in hallowed silence 😶 doesn’t make me want to scream and can still enjoy the food. What I felt, the place definitely needs constructive changes in the ambience as i would be better staying away from it till then.
No-frills-no-grills, eventually we decided to go with the basics and wrap it up without highlighting it too much. Started the way i like it, the CORN FRITTERS. Although, i have tried this dish at around 30-35 restaurants, but never encountered the sweet version of it. Might be the honey, with which the corns were tossed after frying. Below average 👎.

It was plain, generic lime juice. Any road side stall would prepare a far better than that and at a way too cheaper price. Was excepting some contrast in it as a refreshment but it was completely letdown. 🤐

When i like to play safe, calling upon my favourite and that too since childhood, Dal Makhani, coz despite being at “least-good” places on earth, it still manages to pull me through. Well Malai kofta on the other side, was flavourful and the kofta’s were delightfully soft. White gravy as expected was mild sweet the way it should be. Complete points to it.👌

INR 196/- for two, and nothing special about it. UN-NECCESSARILY OVERPRICED. Definitely a no.
Well, the service was abysmal. I had already finished my corn platter and masala soda by the time Main course arrived. Calling waiter by waving hands up in the air is must for every small thing that you need. Seems like the local custom over there, although it is still the waiter’s call if he wants to fulfill your wish.🙏