Thought about dozen times, to visit this place but somehow it cancelled every time. But this time i made sure, today finally the wait is over ✋, here i am “TARUVEDA BISTRO”.
Oh, its a place hidden in a secluded residential area, you can be assured of a relaxing ambience due to closed street.
It was quite confusing for a moment, to find the actual door to step in, when we got up there in this house-first floor. But we sorted it out. Entered this beautifully designed house and opted to sit inside, but just after few moments felt quite boring, so asked em for a better option and finally they guided us to the outer area, which was open and peaceful (Better).


What i noticed, that they have been incredibly smart in the way they divided the space, perfect inspiration for other lounges running. Elegant small patio, had plants, hanging lights and antique lamps sided to walls arranged in an eye catching design with other natural elements to form a fascinating home decor.
The footman’s were in desi casual kurtas, giving the actual feel of home. I do feel simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and works most of the time.
Well! The first thing I did after I sat down was pull out my phone to read the menu. Zero-level lighting was a disservice to us as it was difficult to read the menu, which probably had amazing dishes mentioned throughout it. As more than a few good cooks have told me over the years, “people eat first with their eyes.” We might have had only a faint picture of what they deliver but fortunately we had flash in our phones.
Feedback: Logistically there should be a lantern or something on the table coz proper radiance can help restaurantgoers eat within their means.
Heard a lot about Taruveda, and specially for the  exquisite food they serve! Pad Thai was the one i picked, because i always wanted to know, why is it called the famous street food in Thailand. Along with it, ordered coffee to avoid turning into a zombie coz of the exhaustion after having a tiring office day and it was 10:15 pm! We were asked to place the final order before 10:30, so without giving an ounce of thought, we ordered Pesto Pizza and Spicy bean Tacos.
Pesto Pizza (Veg 4/5)


My mouth danced with flavours when i had the first bite.The toppings were tasty – bell peppers, tomatoes and olives, lavishly coated in sumptuous basil pesto sauce. I couldn’t even focus on other delicacies on table until i blithely  ate two slices of it. The thin and crisp base was perfectly baked, matching the standards. It is easy for me to say that i just had one of the best pizza in Jaipur.
Chilli Beans Tacos (4/5)


It had beautiful presentation. Served with sour cream and salsa which actually didn’t required coz it itself was garnished with cream and chopped salads. But the hot and fresh bean fillings, covered between crunchy layer, one bite of it made me loose everything around. Enjoyed it.
Pad Thai (6/5) Yes 6 out of five


Flat rice noodles cooked with beaten eggs, chopped capsicum and onions, and yes crushed peanuts. The dish was well proportioned and tasted every bit as good as I was expecting it to and more. The eggs they add are incredibly tasty too along with crushed peantus, oh the flavour was beyond divine. One of the top 5 dishes in Jaipur can serve you. I can say, you earned a fan TARUVEDA!
Waffles with Maple Syrup (3/5)


Had a big bite of it, a desert that can make you addict if you don’t stop. So, this eye catching waffle with a scoop of ice cream was eschewed, despite the psychological comfort and tongue pleasure it induces. Coz it was damn sweet and i was afraid of what it will do to my waistline.
Cafe Latte (4/5)

Wanted to treat myself and get some real energy and a metabolic boost. Cafe latte didn’t let me down. Perfectly brewed cup of coffee, neither too strong or too mild. I could sit here by myself for hours given a good book and endless supply of this mug.
Cafe Affogota (3/5)

The coffee could have higher viscosity, coz it felt quite a bit too fruggle while sipping it. The froth at the top layer tasted pretty good, but the coffee itself just took on the flavour of flat and simple. Passable!!
The place and service, although not remarkable, but it is well done-out. The staff, are impeccably courteous, prompt and accommodating. However some basic practicalities have been overlooked. For example, wanted a small change but had to walk into the room to tell one of em, which irked me a bit (No Attendant). Neverthless, the grandeur of the interior was overwhelming while the food created a long term relationship with my taste buds. I am definitely coming again!

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