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Urbanization is a good sign or bad, its an inconclusive discussion and if not stopped, it can be dragged till eternity but urbanisation of food culture in Jaipur is definitely happening. This is the focus of attention in recent period of time for Jaipur, coz few of lounges have introduced the city to some unique dishes and fusion foods. From the perspective i see, urbanization’s advantages out weighs its disadvantages.

“What is your favourite food?”, someone asked me the other day , and despite having several all time favourites in mind, I couldn’t bring myself to answer the question. How does one decide on a single dish as their favourite. And there are so many flavors and tastes and textures that i still need to explore..limited by nonconformity, and of course the, diet plans. Anyways, the search for the favorite food leads us to unvisited corners of the town yet this time we stumbled upon one right in the middle of the city.

Place & ambience

Let me walk you in. On this quite street in the dark of the night, we were staring at a dim lit building across the road, the graffiti on the wall reads “The Urban Hub”.

Step in and there are a couple of tables arranged on the patio, Tranquil. Walk the small staircase and you step into this narrow foyer which opens immediately into two more rooms on the left and right of the door separated by a wooden bookshelf.

Pair of musical instruments sitting in one corner before this narrow passage leads up to the hallway, which has clear view of live kitchen. The sitting area is divided into small sections with extremely comfortable furniture. Thick cushions sit atop a curvy on large chairs, offers full comfort. The windows shelf, the counter, the ceilings everything was designed and decorated beautifully. Charge-up Ambience.

Food and drinks

To get started, they sent out brownie shake, topped with appealing brownie sticks. We had this serious discussion about whose gonna be the one to eat those. Somehow, I managed to have one, savoured it quickly and took a long deep sup of the shake, believe me it wasn’t the taste to forget. Crumbled brownie pieces with scoop of vanilla ice cream and a thick and delicious milkshake treat. Little more than the expected! Amazing!

There are some protocols which cant be ignored i.e. companion’s choices. “Nachos platter” arrived in front of hungry humans including me and it was tempting because of the presentation! The next move could be guessed easily. Jump in! The platter has crispy nachos infused with properly brined beans, doused with mozzarella cheese and mayo. Devouring nachos platter has always been our first option to start off. It was yummy!

When it comes to OTC i.e onions, tomatoes, capsicums pizza, it was off-putting with the first look. I read it somewhere that color of your food, dishes, table linens and wall color can all have an affect on your appetite. Some colors can excite your senses and entice you to eat more, while others can actually help curb mindless snacking. I was expecting the pizza with some more shredded colourful veggies. Though it had crisp texture and combination of flavours, it could have been braised a little more to make it more succulent.

Next on, we were served with Spinach corn sandwich, as we preferred it was of brown bread. Cause firstly it taste better and also brown bread has more fibre, fills you up for longer. Well, in this case it tasted average, could have been grilled better cause i felt some rawness at edges.

What other way to shed off weariness then a hot mug of hot chocolate. One mouthful of the warm mushiness and it’s like a hug from the inside :3 Though the consistency was a little thin, it’s rich and smooth flavor garnered immense craving for yet another sip. Only thing I felt missing that could’ve made this perfect was some marshmallows.

Exotic garlic bread, well i didn’t like it much, though it was properly toasted but i was expecting it to be much more spicer than it was. Also, the cheese was so loosely coupled with bread, that it came all out at first bite. Average!!

After nibbling all the cheesy victuals, it was only appropriate to spice up the mood a little. The creamy hot Thai Curry turned out to be one of the favorite out of all the dishes on the table. Curry was warm and comforting, a little rich, too, but so with all the vegetables. It didn’t felt too indulgent. We ordered it with Noodles which were plain and went well to support the flavors of the ingredients. You can also have it with rice if that’s what you like.

Feedback: It could have been properly served in small bowls, so that curry could stay warm for a little longer!

Seems like 15 -20 years ago around, a franchise arrived in the city. Its name was McDonald’s. My fellow citizens went wild for the place, overwhelmed by its novelty, and the distorted burgers that actually bent in the middle and its exotically seeded bun, the whole, glamorous food for the locals. Now couple of decades later, we had outgrown all that nonsense corporate world.

The Veggie burger was delicious, the perfectly sized with sumptuous fillings, properly cut in half which made it easier to grab and devour. Oozy, gooey, juicy, a handsome burger that lands a flavorous punch in the mouth.

Service and Hospitality

The service needs a little improvement, the waiter dint know about any of the ingredients. For example, we asked what are pesto pizza’s ingredients? He excused and asked the chef first. We asked for Thai curry, then again he excused and went to ask chef. Disappointing! Also they need to be little more attentive. However, the servers had a friendly approached with a warm smile on their face. They happily obliged to take care of the customer’s requirement. 

Concluding note

This restaurant has required potential to catch up fast with their charming menu and good spread of multi-cuisine recipes. It was also quite affordable, genuinely priced with adequate quantity of the servings. A few of dishes needs improvement. Well, we enjoyed! Thank you!!


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