We live in the age of distraction. People are in such a hurry that everyone seems to forget to embrace the moment they’re in, before jumping into next one. Yet one of life’s sharpest paradoxes is that your brightest future hinges on your ability to pay attention to the present.

That’s how it all spanned out when we were there. So much to eat and explore in just a wee of a time. Also it felt downhearted when we discerned that there wasn’t actually a live band performing, as promised, but only couple of singers performing on karaokes unaidedly. One on the terrace, “Aire-Skybar and Grills”, the newly opened place and other at the very entrance of the hotel.

Well we may have been disenchanted but its okay, we revived and reconciled, as we were already there and ravenous, after a tiring day of work.

The Ambience
The High Ceiling lobby as you enter the place, gives the place a regal look. The enthral decor of the walls, interior are very befitting. To the left of the entrance is the restaurant Sirocco. Indian, Continental, Italian all kinds of cuisines arranged around a wide sitting floor. But “House of han” the other restaurant in hotel, purely serves Chinese cuisine. While at sirocco, a look at an a myriad variety of deserts will make you catch a breath.

The Food
Where to get started, as we took our seats. It was fine elegantly designed dining experience, the waiter arrived and after getting everyone their choice of drinks , although the choices were limited by unavailability of most common of beverages, especially in the alcohol division, they got us started.

Appetizers: Again, not many options to pick from (One Veg and One Non-Veg), the Paneer Tikka made it to our plates. It was insipid because the rawness of panner was accentuating over the spice it had. I heard the up most precision is needed while skewing or grilling panner to ensure the texture is perfect, which was woefully missing. Could’ve been seared more until edges turned brown perfectly.

Panner Tikka

Entree: Pesto Pasta, Margherita and Vegetable Pizzas. The Fusilli pasta in red Pesto sauce was light and flavourful! Perfectly marinated. The delicacy I thoroughly enjoyed by dunking large spoons into it, which quickly melted in my mouth. It was hard to resist after then.

Pesto Pasta
Pizza Margherita
Pizza Veggie

Although the pizza were served neatly to us on this wooden board, the slices were not adequately sized! The taste was passable, i think a little more veggies (toppings) might have satisfied my taste buds. Seriously, it wasn’t extraordinary.

(I want to be genuine about the taste I experienced, so my words might not be appreciated, but that’s how it should be).

Main course
Now, we were set free to raise hell on the buffet. I heard you can create your own bhel, yes they were right, for fun addition, I went straight to the setup. Chef AK 😎, now’s your time to show the world! Blended everything as I wanted, it was amazing enough that i could load myself with it. 😀

Make your own Bhel Puri

While there were a multitude of dishes to choose from, and believe me, among ourselves we must have tasted nearly all of them, most of the recipes were modestly unremarkable and failed to make a mark. So I’ll highlight those that succeeded in scintillating our taste buds.

Vegetable Ratatouille

Manchurian with Hakka noodles and Mangodi with Papad ki sabji (MPkS) were the standout dishes!

Although the dish wasn’t seductive from the first look, the Manchurians succeeded to deliver gratification! The soft Manchurian balls in you-mian (i guess) fried noodles, delivered a dreamy explosion of succulent veggies over my tongue. Yummy!!!!

This Rajasthani delight was prepared on special request from chefs which was an option available to smother yourself. Sometimes, choices can be overwhelming and can lead to be perfectly content.

But certainly it was the surprise of the night. My entire life I hated this dish, whenever it was cooked at home. But sirocco’s MPkS was beyond words and the accurate combo of spices, papad and magodi itself, left strong memories with me. Thank you Chef!!

Magodi Papad ki Sabji

Deserts Attraction

Fruit Tarts
One of Sirroco’s best desert attraction. The tart had apple, pomegranate, kiwi and payaya topped on a thick cream layer. These ingredients were placed on an edible cookie(i guess). Overall it had sweet tangy aftertaste. We enjoyed this one.

Fruit Tarts


Ras Malai
This Indian Delicacy won everyone over as we all relished this desserts to the heart’s content. Perfect sweetness, texture and oh so pleasing aroma. An absolute delight.

Opera Cake
The big bad chocolate cake was just sitting there in all its glory, showing off its perfect glaze and layer. We had the chef carve it right in front of us, took the dismembered pieces to our table and devoured the rich chocolatey gooeyness without any shame. Bet the cake didn’t see that coming 😎

Opera Cake

Swiss Rolls
Fluffy little sponge rolls. Eat them, lick them stuff them in your mouth. Actually wasn’t sure how good it would taste by looking at them, but after taking a bite, they were moist, not too sweet and the fruity tanginess and the sweetness of the icing combined lands a really good score on the taste pallet.

Swiss Rolls

Chocolate Brownies
Dripping in chocolate sauce, they were finger licking good.

The Final Verdict 

While few of us were getting late and left after, we decided to head up to the Aire-Skybar and Grills. Cheked-out the place, it was serene up there. Cosy chairs, enjoyed music and had small talks is an ideal way to end your day. The place is nothing less than beautiful, and live music makes it even more interesting.

The most disappointing was the service, it was throughout sloppy. Whilst the staff were undoubtedly friendly, from warm introduction of the sections of hotel by the manager’s genuine attempts and polite replies by the wait staff, it was rather unpolished. At least the thing you expect to be phenomenal at a 5 star luxurious hotel.

Overall the food is undoubtedly flawless. But according to the costing, a rather fine service would be appreciating.

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