Long gone are the days when it was as effortless to memorize the names of the restaurants in Jaipur on finger Tips. The capital now has a plenty of impressive lounges & dining places, and the number still rolling up. This time “Trending this week” Zomato collection was the coxswain of our foodie’s boat which leaded us to Cream Center, Lal Kothi.


Because of scanty ratio of the restaurants around, it seems a promising place for people nearby, to end an evening with fine dinner. It is right on the main road, easy to locate the place and yeah it does have a valet parking which is quite helping.


Adequate space with an upstairs sitting, this elegant restaurant had peaceful atmosphere, the way everyone loves to dine at. 

Grabbed headlines coz of their food chain across India and serving  for more than 57 years. Although i haven’t been to any of them. But for me it doesn’t count, i love to eat and explore new taste, weather it be from a chain or gourmet or home cooking. 


Most recipes were under 300 INR, very reasonably priced snacks. The printing of the menu was tempting, everything on the menu was like grabbing my collars and ordering me to order it. Heart wrenching choice for a foodie, coz there were some pretty great food options popping up.

Food Taste

This is obviously the backbone of the food biz. It does matter how nice the manager is or how spiffy the place looks…but if the food is insipid or doesn’t satisfy your taste buds, the restaurant has no chance of surviving. Unless people are  enjoying the experience of being out from their daily life. Well that wasn’t our case, we analysed the food peacefully, tried to enjoy it, but it failed to convince our taste buds.

Corn Cheese Balls

Looks delicious and tasted even better. Crispy tiny balls made of corns and cheese retained its distinct flavours intact at the core. The burst of perfectly marinated corns accompanied with hot cheese was a good start for us. Loved it.

Here comes the Nachos with beans, The flavours of the beans at the top, did not form any special composition, they’re just plain. What i experienced, nachos taste better with mozzarella cheese because it doesn’t turn the corn chips soggy and maintain the moisture it needs. but here the liquid cheese wasn’t even complimenting beans or nachos. This really shattered our expectations for a moment. 

Half and half Enchalidas

Now, when it arrived, it was the dish that pleased us the most with it looks. The tortillas were dipping in thick red curry (much more in quantity than expected) which was served in a flat open bowl. Well after a bite or two I got the feeling that these weren’t really my flavours. Again the beans side was plain and bland, the curry i definitely wanted to miss. Although corns were passable, but overall the dish was Lackluster. With a perpetual frown on the face we somehow finished it.

Well starters were a big let down, we still had our hopes high with main course. Dal Makhani, Teeki Sabj Handi, lacha parantha and tandoori roti.

Dal Makhani

Felt that it was prepared more in the Ghee rather than cream. Although it tasted good, the texture could have been more thicker and soothing. The lentils were properly cooked but Cream center lacked the cream in Dal Makhani.

Teek Sabj Handi

Well, this was the star dish of the evening. Mix vegetables i.e. capsicum, carrots, peas, peppers, baby potatoes and some more, were perfectly cooked with predominating flavours of deliciously spiced gravy. The dish that ought not to be missed if your are at Cream center and savouring north Indian.

Breads were properly cooked, but i do like when tandoori roti have puff up texture on the entire surface, which was missing.

Overall Experience

Firstly the waiter was hovering around our table consistently which was a bit annoying. We can call you dear, you can relax. Secondly, the dishes were arriving one after another, forced us to savour one thing at a time. Tasting different things and changing moods is the key i guess which din’t happen. 
Well probably not the place for a satisfying meal but yeah you can do give it a shot as they have some unique dishes and presentation. The food is doable so was the ambience, the prices were not very daunting. Its the flavours that they need to work on, in case they wish to grow more.

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