Friday Night we found ourselves πŸ˜• short of a place to dine, and decided to try out this new place that has been the recent talk of the town. The place is designed with some effort πŸ‘, with the wooden tables made to look like natural planks but smoother and comfortable πŸ™† seats and benches…the attention to the details really catches your eye πŸ‘.

Good ambience but lacking professional management πŸ““. The service was a real turn off. The staff isn’t really well trained and although the restaurant wasn’t even half full, we found ourselves biding our time πŸ•˜ πŸ”œ πŸ•€ waiting for the food to arrive.

The Food
: Though they claim to have a full bar, there were limited choices of beers 😟 and wines available. But the only place in Jaipur to serve Sangria. We got ourselves some chilled ones but some of us decided to rather opt for mocktails as their choice of drinks weren’t available.

Chicken with peri peri sauce

The portion sizes were more than enough to serve two. The tender, marinated chicken was seasoned with the special peri peri sauce. Really liked the smokey aftertaste of the chicken. πŸ‘


The only taste that I can still remember from this place. It was a random call, but it turned out to be best. Sweet, salty, tangy, it was combination of flavours which was refreshing entirely. πŸ‘


Bizarre, it was clearly mentioned that it will have a lil amount of ginger, but even if it did (which I highly doubt), we couldn’t taste it. Contradictory to the name, the spark was missing. Just a sweet average tasting drink. πŸ‘Ž


We were confused, what we should order cause of mixed reviews on Zomato. After having 10 mins serious discussion, we wanted this to come to our table. DISAPPOINTED!! The Paneer was so plain, not even grilled properly while the broccoli was too hard to cut. The spicy rice were not actually spiced properly. πŸ‘Ž


Long story of garlic breads. Firstly we ordered this. We got a bunch of breads diffused over a wooden serving board accompanied with three different dips. Cheesy, Greeny and Spicy I would call, as I don’t know the ingredients. The breads were soft and doughy and grilled way too precisely. We liked it and reordered. But this time we got 2 huge size buns (pav), which was insipid and hard to finish. So again it goes too bad for us. It’s like they didn’t even took the effort to make it the way it should be. πŸ‘Ž

[Sides] ⭐⭐

Firstly the quantity of all the things were inadequate, that most of us couldn’t even try them all. Grilled veg was totally bland with worst presentation. Sprouts Beans and fries were considerably better tasting. But sprouts had this acerbic taste, which i think destroyed the fun it could have. βœ‹

Veg Pita

Finally some relief, this was actually the dish we enjoyed to the last bite. Substantial and pleasurable. Soft pita breads stuffed with healthy vegetable stuffing with a unique taste and served hot and fresh, was the dish of the night for me. πŸ‘Œ

Mixed Grill Veg Wrap ⭐⭐⭐

Coz veg pita was good, we tried other combination of stuffing in it. Veggies. It was good but veg pita was better. πŸ‘

The food was INCONSISTENT, the service was INEFFICIENT, the quantity was INSUFFICIENT. When all these three “I”‘s get fixed, i will be coming back again because the ambience was IMPRESSIVE.

Very few dishes stands out. We had no memories of any dish cause we didn’t enjoy it. Large staff, still cant manage the customers, cause most of em having their own swag of doing things and others don’t even know their responsibilities.

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