There are a few places in town that have build up a reputation for themselves. But how many actually live up to it?

Coursing for such places in the city, and after striving most of the nearby venues, we opted for Forresta. The place has an absolutely REMARKABLE AMBIENCE 🤘 compared to other whereabouts.
It has a vivid vibe about it, like a place by the shore side, taking you away from the rush of the city life. SERENE !! An ideal destination to RELAX an REJUVENATE 💆. The canopies ⛺ with long upholstered seats, surrounded with dense greeneries 🌴 which was quite a snug fit in.

One can see a good optimisation of the total space with inclusion of DIFFERENT SEATING SPACE and a beautiful bar counter at the center fitted with water sprinklers 💦 to cool down the place. Huge area, can easily accommodate 300-400 people.
Getting comfy in our seats, we asked em to pull up volume of the background music 🎵 coz in spite of the prominent ambience, it was still quite dull 😏when we started. We really MISSED the FUNK, DANCE and LOUD music which i think would really liven up the place. Nevertheless, this place is still WORTH A VISIT for all.

What a good ambience is, a place where you can comfortably fit in, have fun and collect some memorable moments. People have vague notion about it. So for me, it actually depends on the company you have. Reached with the energy, constantly boozed it up with weird pakao jokes and “tagged an aged waiter as chachaji 😂” coz he consistently advised us throughout everything.
Saddest part, was we crossed our budget 📃 in fun and run coz the prices were a bit on the higher side. We had some drinks i.e. BP, cigar rolls, chilli toast, dahi kebab, cheese balls, peanut chat. We didn’t stop here, ordered main course and it was Paneer Lababdaar with stuffed Naan.


It was delectable and had a good crispy after taste to it. Served with dhaniya chutney accompanied with onion and tomato slices. Though it could use a little more flavoring inside, it was a quite a taste to savour it with onions.


BEST!! Exquisite white bread toast with mozzarella and olives was at top of the line among all the dishes on our table. The bread were baked perfectly and the cheese spread over it with a quirky touch of black olives, was sumptuous. The only thing, the name of the dish is misleading, coz neither it was crisp as a toast should be nor it was chilli as said.


Despite the rolls were crispy, it had insipid stuffing. I was irked when it bursted into the mouth, made us realize that the stuffing was of plain mashed potato rather than small amount of potato mixed with finely grinded veggies! Was tough for us to finish it.


Din’t like it. Don’t wanna recommend. 😲


Small, round crisp brown balls filled with cottage cheese. The size and taste provided an immense pleasure to the taste buds. Worth it.


Recommended by chachaji, the quantity was sufficient and taste was passable. But it lacks what we were expecting coz Paneer lababdaar comes up at the first place when a list of Panner vegetables put in order. Too simple to be of that name.

Stuffed Naan and breads were fresh and perfectly cooked as our likings.
The service is extraordinary fast along 👍 with helping staff. In patches it was excellent, but it still have to go a long way to catch up the standards when the food is considered. Also, maybe a little reduction in the prices to compensate increasing tax rates, will be helping to pay regular visits.

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