Moved the feet to the beats 🙌, ate 🍽 and caroused 🍻 till 2 am + delish food with outstandingly unanimous service was par excellence.

One point that blew off my mind was 4000 INR. each for STAG entries on Saturday night. Seriously ??? That was way too much. According to the experience, it was costly. We paid 16K for 4 members😲. We were feeling gypped when we entered the location.

So, was expecting a very good upscale ambience but the minute we stepped in, I was not amused as it was a Plain Jane interiors. Although the ambience was dynamic and had different options to have a comfortable seating. Peace outside, fresh at rooftop and if someone likes loud music 🎶🎶, can choose inside which was quite helping.

JACK DANIELS (180 ml) priced 1495 INR/- was reasonable. We had one (60 ml) on the rocks at crown plaza, Connextions which cost us 1300 INR/-. So comparatively it was cheaper.


Served in a big tower jug. Looked and tasted like coke, but a little bitter. The combination didn’t work out perfectly. The flavour of soft drink was dominating which can be lowered to make it less piquant.


Ample relief to my parched throat. Fizzy and citric flavour. The drink was customized cocktail made of Indian whiskey and orange juice. Strong, you do not immediately feel the effect but as time passes by it feels good. Resembles like mojito a lot, but a little different taste.


Excessive use of honey made them too sweet and soft. Though was topped with onions strings and sprinkled with sesame seeds provided it a appealing look.


Jack Daniels and Chana Jor garam together created a amazing alchemy. While having bitter taste drinks, savouring chana was explosion of spices which carved a unique combination for the tongue. Loved it.


Crisp coverings but was moist and hot from inside. Flavourable. It had succulent savory of vegetables fillings with a moderate amount of cheese flowing between them.


Crisp and delectable veggie sticks. Enjoyed it and reordered, but this time i don’t know, they changed the fillings to mashed potato which was insipid.


We ordered Tandoori Murgh and I was musing to myself, “Could I have some meat on this plate of bones!?”. The chicken was tender though and with good amount of seasoning. Tasted OK but was a bit lean on the bone though, very less meat, so probably the reason it didn’t work for me.


The dish that disappointed the most. Twas pretty insipid compared to other delicacies on the table.

Soon after we made our tummy happy and boozed the brain, we danced to the waves. Although the night started out slow, eventually all the elements fell in place and the lounge had picked up the pace we were expecting. They play good music here, hip hop, EDM and other mix tracks. The place came alive and had an electric vibe in the air.

The place is absolutely culinary delight and the unique fun dancing around the tables was fab. An experience that made me grin like an absolute idiot. The lounge is worthy mark for all fun loving people.

Was a lil disappointed cause of the rates and out of stock things that we wanted to try i.e. Budweiser, Johny walker and a few more!

NOTE : Slippers are not allowed.

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