After a long and tiring journey 🚘, we were craving to just relax 💆 and extinguish the hunger pangs that were kicking in. Decked up by garden, that’s where the search ended as the two of us decided on SOUTH INDIAN CUISINE as the topmost priority to go with. And after gazing on the menu of Decked on Zomato, we thought this is the place we should hit 👊.

HUGE SPACE at prime location EMBELLISHED with trailing plants 🌾 and beautiful garden. It was peaceful ambience in the afternoon timings accompanied with light and ELEGANT MUSIC in background. Just the song selection could have been much better!

Coming to food, we ordered south Indian cuisine entirely and believe me it was PAR EXCELLENCE.

“HAPPINESS 😊 is when you recommend someone a restaurant and it turned out to be the good experience 👍 for em.”


After journeying, there was so much tiredness and fatigue but the masala tea acted as ELIXIR & healed everything. Perfect ratio of water and milk. Just a bit more masala could’ve made it a perfect tea for me.


It was one of the GROOVIEST CORN RECIPE I have ever had. Deep fried american corns were generously tossed with yellow/green capsicum, onions and tomatoes. For a complete dish, it is a vital job to present it equally good. But the dish itself had so many COLORS and STARRY that it did watered our mouths in no time.

As a hunter for the best corn dish in Jaipur and I would put this right at the TOP OF THE LIST so far. RECOMMENDED to everyone.


It was DECENT not outstanding. Crisp & hot, stuffed with fair portion of very smooth mashed potato served with sambhar, coconut and spicy garlic chutney. The spicy chutney could be wee bit better.


It was the SHOWSTOPPER. Every single bite was HEAVENLY while the stomach was poking STOP IT but was strictly ignored. One of the BEST UTTAPAM I’ve consumed till now. Perfect spices, buttery crisp textured, stuffed with finely shredded vegetables, had a lovely taste. Can’t ask for anything better, we were persuaded to order a second-helping.


A bit OILY BUT SUMPTUOUS coz of hot filling and salty touch. We enjoyed it thoroughly.

Everything was going perfectly until this happened. We found a small bug in sambhar!

“SADNESS 😣 is when everything is going as per your wish and it turned out that a small bug 🐞 ruined it.”

Showed it to waiter. He apologised instantly & replaced it. But guess what, we found one more bug again. Disgusting thing that can happen. Now this time we confronted manager cause it was totally unacceptable. Asked him to throw away every ounce of it away from the kitchen and made sure no else suffer the same thing.

After all this we still maintained the decorum coz we didn’t wanted to ruin our moments. Well anyway!

The prices of the food we ate justified the quality which was PREMIUM. Surely, will visit again! 👍👍👍

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