​I’ve 😶 heard that the higher the floor, the better the restaurant quality, but that’s not how I can describe my experience. Rather, imagine you are presented with a beautiful cake 🎂, and you get your mouth all watered and you cut 🔪 a big piece, and take a huge bite and *bam*, the cake is made of Durian. That’s how I felt.

In the era of the evolving food culture of this fast growing city, some “used to be” well known places have started to lag behind and if they don’t venture to catch up, they might as well soon be wiped off the map 🖐.

Visited here second time now conclusively, i have to tag it with average place to dine at. Some says it started as Italian and some recommend as a good north Indian food servings but it lies in the middle of everything. MEDIOCRE PLACE!

Ambience – It has a normal ambience contrary to the expectations coz of the location & floor(8th) they had set up. Doorbean is more of a family place.

Ushered to the seats after waiting for a min or two. The seating was totally uncomfortable, cushions were too soft but thin, so felt like sitting on plain chair. Now coming to the food it is no more than a usual north Indian food!


Expectations were of spiced Panner vegetable having tawa touch, but it was normal Panner butter masala and we didn’t like it. Because firstly, presentation was not at all appealing. A layer of tomatoes surrounding the plate looks like a bad idea. Secondly, the name and description depicts a different story.


Well it tasted good versus other recipes. One thing is that though it was buttery but too diluted, instead of creamy.


Corn balls and a scanty ratio of the main ingredient was the most disappointing part about the dish. Where are my corns in the ball?? Called the waiter but that really didn’t help. It was simply deep fried mashed potato balls.


Though it was crisp, chewy and cheesy but lack of spice made really hard for us to finish it down. The cheese was standing out totally. Quesadillas lacking the originality coz it was pallid. The salsa saved the day.


Tangy with fresh mint leaves crushed totally on the top layer. It was cool, i liked it.

Staff was very courteous and accommodating but can be a bit fast. Overall experience was okay! I mean not bad. Would like them stick with their authenticity, think innovative coz this is getting down boring.

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