On a hot summer 🌕 evening it’s tempting to stay inside…but nothing beats the heat better than a nice rooftop place with cozy setup and a nice view. The rooftop sitting area at HBMB is small but welcoming. We arrived at the restaurant to try the new addition to Jaipur’s evolving food culture and the place was empty which was a surprising given the reviews you’d read and its being a weekend.

Anyways, let’s get the drinks going…what do you mean you don’t have beers?? Seriously?? Oh its a pure veg restaurant? I didn’t knew vegans are allergic to fun.

Actually they do have mock tails and some good ones at that. Blue Laggon, Green Apple Mojito, a Sparkling Blueberry Lemonade and the lip smacking MASALA COLA. The last one was the best of all with a mixed taste of lemonade and jaljeera, a classic Indian taste that hits your core taste buds. Mmm.

Masala Cola
Masala Cola

Hovering over the menu, we asked the waiter for some recommendations and we were served one the speciality of the house …THE GREAT PYRAMID. It’s literally a tome of food with multiple layers of different tastes served on a large platter. The presentation gets the juices flowing in your mouth. 

The base being a bread bun topped with pasta and roasted panner, cheese-bread balls and olives on long seekhs. Nachos and spiced salad on side. There’s something fun and appealing about foods on a stick and eating with your hands. The skewered part was yummy and flavorful and it made for a great appetizer along with the great mock tails..but the second half of the dish was kind of a let down. The bread turned soggy by the time we got to it and the pasta sauce was just not up to our expectations. the pasta sauce was grainy and too spicy to taste.


Recently had cheese shots at TAPRI, so the expectations were way to high. Well, presentation was good, puchka placed over lettuce layers and garnished with coriander leaves is kind of appealing from outside but of an average taste from inside 😞. 

CHIMICHANGAS were just amazing. Crisp wrap filled with mozzarella cheese and veggies, served with perfectly cooked fried rice with beans and chutney is what we call a FUSION FOOD 👌👌.

We also ordered the PIZZA SOLAR SYSTEM, another speciality of the house (at least according to the staff) with 9 different toppings. The waiter wouldn’t let us replace a single topping cause that will ruin the speciality as per him, so we decided to go with it. To our surprise, the pizza was a gigantic. 12 cm XXL pizza 🙈. On any other day I would scream my lungs out in my love for pizza but after having had almost a full meal, this was gluttony :D.

Solar System Pizza

When you are presented with Fusion food, you expect the food to have a unique flavor with ingredients that compliment one to the other and that becomes the signature of the dish. The Solar System did have 9 different toppings but they all just stood out separately instead of blending in one recipe. There are 2 major points that come to mind while thinking about it:

1. IMO Pasta and Pizza are two renown Italian food but the combination shall be declared a culinary sin.

2. Pizza toppings should be fresh and organic. Putting processed food (Corn Chips) on pizza ruins its authenticity.

Well, as for their start its actually a appreciating thing to try something new and different and invent an unbeatable dish. So, i wanna wish em a good luck !!! 

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