HUNGER PANGS are caused by contraction in an empty stomach. Why would i let myself go that far…..lets go guys, find and eat something fresh.

What would be more REFRESHING than a TAPRI outlet. Central is flawless, but this outlet, is not lagging much behind. A quaint small cafe with an old fashioned interior and ordinary dishes with mouthwatering taste.


For localities its quite an easy to approach, but people from other corners in the city, need to spare some more minutes. But that’s okay!! GPS does it for you.


As said, its a SMALL and cutely styled cafe. Have some seats on outside open area, a side room and a back side seating is quite ranging i guess. Best to have a TALK OVER TEA and sort out the mess that has been spilled somehow. But still ambience could be a lot better , because it is quite low and boring when you really want to spend some quality time.


Just after we settled down, we were served water in old styled copper jug with TAPRI printed paper cups which is quite a unique yet beautiful idea.
Well, what was DISAPPOINTING is that just a min or two, after we placed the order, we wanted to have Dal ke Pakore instead of Sev Puri, which they REFUSED right away. “Sir aisa nahi kar paenge” which was QUITE ANNOYING coz there should be some flexibility in the process. But it was hard nut to crack.

Second thing, while placing the order, we clearly mentioned that please serve the TEA first, but it came after we finished off two dishes. Experiences like these turns off the mood entirely which i think is the most important part. Well anyway.
To make the things go well, their MANAGER came across with the idea of serving DAAL PAKWAAN from their own expense. This shows they do care seriously about customers experience which was appreciating!! And it was actually very delightful and sapid to taste.



Brewing a perfect pot of tea is an art in itself. Get the temperature wrong and you burn the leaves making it taste bitter, boil it less and the other ingredients overpower the taste of the tea itself. But TAPRI has somehow managed to perfect the art of getting the right blend every sine time. The hot beverage is refreshing and relaxing at the same time. One can just sit in the moment and sip away the day’s weariness like a charm.


Absolutely crisp, sinfully delicious and perfectly presented using the toppings of tomatoes, coriander leaves and zero namkeen. And we wanted to change the order, i literally punched the friend in the face.



I think cheese corn shots should be their signature dish, because the concept is quite unique and creative.The golgappas filled with delicately shredded mozeralla cheese and few other ingredients. A golgappa you might have never thought of. Brilliant!


When it comes to nachos, it was “soggy before we could savour them” but the chips placed at corners were good and crisp. It could use some additional efforts to make it more interesting and flavourful.


Maggie was quite regular one, garnished with caramelized onions on all over the top!! A bite of maggie and fried onions do hits the taste buds, but when the top layer finishes off, it goes down steeply.


The prices were economical, more than we expected and completely justify the quality and quantity of food. Ambience might take some renovation without any disagreement. Still a good place in Jaipur to eat fresh and tasty!

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