Chinese. The most popularly known Non-Indian cuisine for us Indians. But ironically, also the most misconstrued. Why, let me shed some light on it.

With all the street vendors and restaurants serving some indian-spun version of noodles (popular as Chowmein), Numerous road side stalls roaming around with the feeble attempt at making Dim Sums (aka Momos) and with Ranveer Singh advertising (I bet you’ll agree if I say the puns are REALLY lame in that ad) for some packet noodles and soups by a packaged processed food company, the real Chinese cuisine is still an Enigma to most.

Now for those of us who are actually familiar with it, and prefer the authentic version over the former, this presents the distress of finding places to dine that really serves what we seek.

I have come to think that Chinese cuisine may be one of the most perplexed cuisines I’ve ever encountered. As far as I can tell it doesn’t exist. It may sound bizarre because of course it does exist but after being to restaurant after restaurant, I’ve come to realize that there’s no actual association with what is being served as to what should be. There are just a couple of vague givens namely Chowmein and Manchurian. But beyond that, there’s not much that relates to the authentic version.

So this time we decided to look for Chinese restaurants in town. And on every single list or blog we could find.. there was one name that stayed common. Mainland China which is catering solely to the palates of gourmand connoisseurs in the city.


It was the apodictic judgement forth of other alternatives in the city! One of the most revered Chinese restaurant cause of its unique ambiance which comprises of scarlet walls, ebony wood, statues of guardian lions and Buddha, the chop sticks and a hint of soothing Chinese background music is entirely worth a pilgrimage. Will make you feel as though you’ve been teleported to the magnificent setting of a Ming Dynasty tavern while sitting in middle of Jaipur.


The food is bold and creative while staying true to the legitimacy. The astounding array of regional sophisticated delicacies which includes, noodles, dimsums, Tofus and mains that will tingle your mouth by its depth of flavours and the quality of ingredients.

Kimchi was served as a side dish which I think is an excellent choice of vegetable for pickling, as the rawness of cabbages nicely trap the sour brine. The cabbages taste sumptuous where the pickles over it feels punchy!! Hmmm cool!!

Crispy corn chilli pepper, served on this open round tortilla wrapper filled with corns tossed with chopped ginger, garlic, onions and chilly pepper seasoned with basic salt. Crispy and tangy you may chomp away this basket in a jiffy.

Dim Sums

The elegant surrounds were the perfect backdrop for traditional Dim Sums. Delicately handmade little parcels of delightful veggies are prepared daily and are generously steamed or fried.

Its time to dig in, but unfortunately I was stuck on learning chopsticks skills which was frustrating initially because right next to me, three different versions of palate-tantalizing dimsums were sitting comfily and waiting for me to devour them. Duh :/

Well finally I was able to get one, it was fresh, soft and sautéed in fried oil which had a compelling smell coming out of fumes. You can feel the veggies, a chewiness of thin wrapper of dimsum and sapid taste of vegetables fillings. All in all a good dish to try!

The pan fried noodles
had simplicity and complexity in a single item, served on a large plain white plate. The gravy comprised of multiple ingredients, including superior dark red garlic curry, cabbages, onions, baby corns, rocket leaves and much more, which was poured and spread over thin and slippery rice noodles. Although the garlic gravy was satisfying and had a great aromatic taste, the noodles at core were a bit flat and ho-hum. 😦

Sweet and Spicy Chicken

Thoda sa sweet, a little more add everything nice. That’s how the recipe must go for the chicken we had tonight. The skin had a delicate translucent crispy outer shell that is coated in an intoxicatingly sticky lacquer that is lip-smacking good. And the inside was so tender and juicy, it melts rainbows in you mouth as soon as you bite into it. Sized into perfect bite sized pieces, I was gobbling the delicious nom noms as if they would disappear in thin air the minute I stopped eating. Ehm..*realizes I was prolly drooling all over the table, sits up and wipes face* what we meant was that the chicken was quite a delicacy and it would please us to have it for dinner any day of the week. *adjusts monocle*

Chocolate Rolls

Hot browny soaked and stuffed in crisp rolls with aromatic shredded coconut sprinkled over it accompanied with a scoop of ice cream served separately. Uber light rolls, lingering-on-the-palate consistency and you’ll want to grab it before someone else finishes them off. Though the stuffing of brownie was hot and soft, unwantedly the rolls were very hard and insipid.

It takes small effort to make the customer experience better than the custom. The effusive servers had smiling countenance, particularly one Mr Manoranjan, constantly made sure we were comfortable and enjoying the food. But when it was all done and we were about to call it a night, As a friendly gesture, they gifted us a Sizzling Chocolate Walnut  Brownie from there own expense. It was astonishing to watch it sizzling and genuinely the yumminess it had made us go tripped. A compelling desert to end a exhilarating dinner and wonderful evening on a high note.

Final Words

Mainland China is a legacy, expectedly topnotch, fully equipped with delicious recipes for Chinese food lovers. The ambiance, the staff, and the tradition everything is good. No wonder MC has enough popularity in Jaipur. It has retained its core and dispelling misconceptions about Chinese food since the long time.

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