​After peregrination dozens of places in Jaipur, dining at fine and classy restaurants, nourishing these cheesy continental cuisines and spending money on expensive food and a royal treatment, i craved back to the streets again.

And this led me to the vibrant Food street of Malviya Nagar! Although malviya nagar may primarily seem like having fine dining restaraunts, but near GT you will find these countless no of food stalls.Where i was told to try out one of the best Pav Bhaji in Jaipur.  Shri Nath’s Pav Bhaji. Close to Gaurav Tower, this food street is quite a preferred option for people passing by. 

Pav Bhaji is the famous sinful pleasure of Indian street! It’s a spicy preparation of mashed potatoes, a generous dose of fresh vegetables, a dollop of butter, consumed with pav, which is usually buttered on all sides. Sounds Yummy doesn’t it?

Shri Nath pav bhaji food stall was like every other regular food stall in India. I watched him mashing and cooking bhaji as well as buttering Pav on this large tawa which was spectacular and a great pleasure to eyes. I have heard it forces every single customer to lick fingers and make their tummy and taste buds equally happy.

Pav Bhaji here can be described by just one word- BUTTER!!! If you can forget about your hygiene standards and diet plans for a while, this will surely make you food-gasm. The pav were cut from the center, buttered and a small touch of bhaji inside makes it lip smacking for any palate.

Finally i had my plate, i was just waiting to finish off with a few pics to dig in ASAP because it was mouth watering. Exactly like when Tom had this amazed face when he see the chicken.

While there’s nothing like eating a plate of pav bhaji standing next to a road side stall amidst traffic. The pav bhaji served steaming hot in just under ten minutes with four perfectly crisped pavs. You may want to take a minute to watch the butter melting into your bhaji; it’ll prepare you for the nirvana that is coming.

The bhaji, was mildly spiced and the pav is perfectly toasted. Enjoyed the food thoroughly and definitely coming back again soon. A brilliant Pav Bhaji spot in Jaipur. I won’t spoil the surprise for you, the best way is go there and find out for yourself!

Cost: Rs. 60