The more you know: Casa De Amor” is Spanish for “House of Love“.

So another new restaurant in town, How exciting!! But with all the mixed early reviews, I couldn’t make up my mind about visiting the place. It was a fortune stroke of serendipity, that I received an invite for a meet by the owner Arun Kadel. And as we are told “Not to judge a book by it’s cover”, I decided to go explore the chapters written underneath the fancy name and the shiny exterior. Let’s unravel it…

So I walked on the Red Carpet (literally, not kidding :P) and entered the empty Dining area (which wasn’t a surprise as it was 1 PM on the 1st day of new year and also a Sunday morning, Pretty sure most of the folks must still be finding their way back home post the #NewYearThrowback, TBH I was a little Hungover myself, but hey it’s a new day, time to takeover the world..😎). Anyways, so I walked into the restaurant and was mildly annoyed by the cold welcome, And then I was told that my Host was yet to arrive, so I waited, on the couch, tapping my feet, argh.

The Ambience 👍

The seating area is glazed in a Gold-Black decor. Walls are painted in gold and black, with royal red drapes on the windows and several Chandeliers hanging over the Mahogany tables. With a striking black-and-white-checkered floor, the place almost had a Royal look, well almost, the fake plants kind of fell short on the projected impression.

And then there’s a motorcycle in the middle of the fine dining room. Yups, you read it right. 😐

Well forgive me and my lack of knowledge about bikes and automobiles in general, I failed to identify that it was a Vintage collectible

That’s when I made acquaintance with Arun and after an exchange of pleasantries, he asked me if I’d like to sit in the diner or the lounge inside, which I was unaware of, so I opted to go inside.

To my surprise, this place was altogether different from the glossy restaurant I was just sitting in a moment ago. Red and black walls, dim lighting and comfy couches and a Red Hot Premier Padmini parked inside. Wow.

It really changed the Aura from a dominant yellow to an energetic yet relaxing red level. The music was good, and they have Sheesha but it was too early to have one :D.

The Back story

So we settled down and ordered something to get started, Meanwhile my curiosity was piqued about the Vintage Automobiles. In talks with Arun, I came to know about his passion for Cars, the walls in the lounge are decorated with posters of famous F1 personalities, He even had glass too tabels made with real engines and car rims. That explains the decor themed around bikes and cars. Maravilloso.

The Food

They have a really vast menu . Actually there are three different menus. One for the Main course, mostly North Indian. A second menu dedicated specifically to the South Indian cuisine. And lastly one Continental. It must take a huge effort on behalf of the staff to maintain availability of all these items on a daily basis.

Perplexed with the choices, I let Arun pick the specialities from each menu, so we had..

The Spanish Corn Open Burger 

Served on a round wooden pizza plate, the platter has two open burgers. 

One prepared with a rich filling of spinach and corn combined with cream and cheese filled ina crisp bun. I personally loved this one as Spinach Corn is one of my favorite combos. It has a burst of flavors when you bite into the cheesy layer with the sweetness of the corn and the freshness of the spinach brought together in a creamy texture. Just delicious. 

The other half had a standard aloo patty over lettuce and cheese. The patty could’ve used a little more seasoning as it tasted a bit flat, specially after tasting the creamy rich counterpart.

With the sides including Onion Rings, a ‘Sauce of Hundred’ dip and a veg Salad (Zucchini, Broccoli, Yellow and Green Bell pepper and paneer tossed in), the platter makes up for a complete meal in itself. Loved the concept as well as the taste.

The Mirchi Paaji

A mocktail literally created fromgreen chillies. While it may sound unheard, and I was quite reluctant taking a sip, I actually found the taste quite relishing. It retains the pungent taste of the chillies but the fizz from the soda makes it quite electric and enjoyable.

Onion Vada 

From the South Indian division, the Onion Sambhar Vada with coconut chutney is worth trying for all our South Indian lovers. The Vada was crisp and the sambhar was delicious. 

Banana Pancakes – Yum

My favorite thing I ate on this day. Fluffy on the inside, crispy on the outside, and delicately flavored with bananas and served with a scoop of Vanilla Icecream with choco syrup drizzled over the whole thing, It was phenomenal. I’d be willing to eat that again any day. 😍

The Epilogue:

Food – 4/5

Ambience – 3.5/5

Service – NA

Overall – Decent Place 

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