The name reminded me of the popular quote “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and supper like a pauper!”. Wise words to live by, but easily overlooked in the fast pace daily routine.

I ordered myself an Egg Box and a Snack Box from them. Priced at INR 130, an Egg Box consist of:

– 1 Egg Main Dish, I chose the Masala Omelete 

– Salad

– Desert 

– A bottle of juice

The Masala Omelete was prepared with chopped veggies, green chillies, onlions and tomatoes. The taste was good and spicy but my only issue was that it got cold and the brown bread got soggy because of the moisture I guess as it was wrapped in foil.

The Salad (Corn, green chillies, tomatoes and onions tossed in pepper and salt) was a bit disappointing as the chillies overflavored every other ingredient. Definitely would be preferable with less of those. :X

The Dessert – Gajar ka Halwa was a welcome change after the salad. It was a little bit too sweet but I didn’t mind. Overall taste was yummy. 

I couldn’t exactly place my finger on the ingredients of the juice. It was packed in a brand less plastic bottle, the main ingredient was Apple with a Peachy aftertaste. Refreshing taste.

Service: the packaging is really neat and hygienic. And the order and delivery was fast and smooth.

It’s a wonderful alternative to those who don’t have time to prepare own breakfast or are in a hurry. They still could improve a lot on the food and I’d love to have more options to choose from and able to pick my own side dishes and juice flavors. But all in all a happy experience and good option as there aren’t many when it comes to breakfast. ☺️

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