I was never a huge fan of dumplings or Momos, but after my recent visits first to HoH 😗, and now Marky Momos, I can no longer say NO-NO to MOMO ever again 🤣

And they have all the variety too, deep fried and crisp or for and steamed. Have your fill anyway you like.

Fried Veg Momos

With the filling made with chopped up veggies is mildly seasoned and the dressing had a bite of garlicky taste. the Momos are then deep fried which makes the outer shell crisp and crunchy. 

Served hot with a schezwan sauce, this is quite a nice delicious snack. 

Manchurian Rolls

The filling of dry Gobhi Manchurian was a bit feeble on the taste meter. It was spicy but only barely, and the roll tasted doughy making it a little insipid and average tasting at best.

Afghani Momos

This was the best dish in terms of taste amongst the three items we tried. The steamed Momos served drizzled in a special sauce (Actually two different sauces which when combined pack quite a punch), they give you the satisfying crunch of fried momos, but minus the excess oil and guilt. And on the inside, they are juicy, flavorful and oh, so divine! Would definitely try them again on my next visit.

The service is fast but the pricing at Marky are quite on the higher side (too high if you compare to the regular vendors). They are also open to deliver and pick-up till late in the night which is a really good option as there aren’t many alternatives if you have a hunger attack in middle of an all nighter.

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