House restaurants remind me of the concept of ‘Soul Food’, you know, ethnic cuisine, food  prepared with traditional and authentic techniques and meant to preserve the taste and reach ones soul, like that ending scene in Ratatouille. How I wish there were spots like that in our town. Let’s explore Mutual’s.

Cheese Corn Shots 

Corn is my all time favorite and so is cheese so the Cheese corn shots makes up for the perfect starter especially in the cold weather. The balls were nicely crisp on the outside with a soft chhesy inside made from mashed corns, mozarella and cube cheese. The tangy taste of fresh tomato salsa was a plus one to the delicious snack.

Sabudana Burger 

I loved the concept of this dish. Sabudana Vada.(Sago Fritters) are a well known and widely loved Indian recipe. Turning that into a burger dish is just brilliant. But sadly they messed up the execution on this one. It was prepared with onions and tomato slices and a golden brown crisp Sabudana patty but the Sabudana were not soaked properly and got as hard as raw sea salt. It felt like little stone pieces were put in my otherwise perfectly fine burger. If they can make this one change, I would be so Happy.

The Trendy Shake

Wow. How do I begin to describe this one. Thick KitKat Chocolate Milkshake blended with crunchy Oreo bits and just about the right amount of coffee, had me salvating at the site of it. Even better, my taste senses jumped and dud a full 360° Barel Roll with one long sip of this. 

It was difficult getting the straw in as the jar was topped and overflowing with Huge scoops of Vanilla Icecream with Oreo chunks, and gems and Choco whips and what not sticking out. All this was topped with a magnificent architecture made of Wafer sticks held together with peanut butter and chocolate syrup.

We had to pull away the wafers to finish the shake. Definitely recommend if you have a sweet tooth.

Service and Ambience 

Whoever did the interiors here did a fine job. We’ve seen many house-turned restaurants but this is only the second one we found that is really nicely done (*cough..cough…Taruveda is still better…cough cough*). With multiple floors and rooms choosing a sitting option is difficult but it sure provides a nice peaceful ambience with different furniture and music playing in the background.

Service was fast and smooth. 

  • We reached this place using Google maps as it’s a little off the main road but not too hard to find. It has been appearing in my feeds for weeks now so had to visit to see what they got to offer. Well it’s safe to say they have some good food in a very value for money prices.

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