A vibrant and flashy ice cream parlour that somehow failed to impress. 

Quite a famous ice cream parlour in Jaipur so dropped in to see what the hype is all about.

Naturals is although a famous ice cream brand and they have been in existence since 1984, but as I haven’t tasted any of their ice cream, so I was feeling a bit skeptical before going in. 

What I particularly liked about it is, the outlet appeared to be aesthatically designed, having white ambiance and top notch in hygine. 

I had myself a cone with a double scoop of butterscotch, and another scoops of black grapes and a Choco chip scoop to top it all (Hey.. Don’t judge me, I’m an Icecream Lover) .

Though the scoops were creamy & had consistency in taste, but it was not soothing and likeable if I compare.

Butterscotch is my all time fav and the flavor needs no introduction, it was spot on.

Black Grapes was a new flavor to me and it tasted a less zingy than I expected and a lot more sweet. It had few chunks of real grapes in it which was nice.

The Chocolate flavor was disappointing and that’s when I realized that to some extent the base flavor on all this scoops was almost the same. The Choco chips were frozen cold and hard inside.

Though the scoops had consistency in taste, but it was not soothing and the texture was not exactly creamy and felt a little crunchy/flaky.

What really bummed me was the pure lack of enthusiasm from the staff. On the contrary most of them were performing their jobs with a stiff frowny face. Customers are feeling stretched and stressed these days. They don’t want to be nickel and dimed. They want to be treated with respect and kindness, and a simple act of cheerful greeting can make the visit to the ice cream shop the highlight of their day.

The staff wasn’t smiling or particularly friendly a lot & in the absense of any advisor, it is hard to get a flavour of your taste. The menu had limited items and the variety is somehows quite restrictive. Was expecting a flood of ice cream variety with customizable options. Well anyway!

Another thing I felt missing was the lack of confectioneries and add-ons. If I want to spoil myself with Choco chips or sprinklers or just some good old tooty-fruits, I should have the option to do so. They put Chocolate chips in the ice cream, why not have them on the sides.

Though the Icecream were still very enjoyable, It wasn’t exactly the merry visit and I didn’t felt anything extraordinary that might incline me for future visits. We’ll have to see. Good Luck.

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