The ex-Mariott veteran chef Nitin Upadhyay has setup shop in this family business and it’s gained a reputation fast. The pâtisserie offers number of European delicacies and some lovely desserts.

Given his long exposure and expertise in the baking line of work, it’s given that they have the utmost and peculiar taste for class. The premise is small but has top notch hygiene and a basic but very much amiable setup.

Coming straight to the food, we were perplexed by the number of options available so we decided to ask the Chef himself. Going with the recommendation,

The Veg Puff

The flaky crisp puff was stuffed with a stuffing made from potato, onions and capsicum. Tasted really good and fresh.

Fruit Pastry Cake – yummy, juicy fruits on top of a rich and sweet cake. What was stunning was the freshness of the ingredients, which really elevated the flavor and taste. 😃 

A beautiful open-top multi-layered fluffy pastry was stacked artistically with chunks of fruits and icing in between the layer and topped with slices of fresh fruits, kiwi, strawberry, orange, pitaya and plum all drizzled in a clear glaze. Loved it 😍.


Wanted to try them out even before visiting. We were lucky they had a fresh batch right out of the oven. Light and dainty, with a crisp shell and a soft, yielding centre, macaroons are one of the perfect sugary and delicious adorable treats.

We tried the Chocolate, Blueberry, Strawberry and the fresh Passion fruit flavors. Most of them were filled with chocolate ganache while the Passion fruit ones were filled with a fruity mix.

🤗 Personal fav – Strawberry and Chocolate

They have all sorts of sugary treats and I would definitely love to try more of them. Looking forward to my next visit.

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