A restaurant is a sorry state. 

This place is nearby to my office so we visited this place just out of curiotsity. An overlooked building on the corner of a busy road, we walked inside only to find a gloomy and dingy cafe. But since Sitapura IT Park hardly got any good restaurents (Legendary being an exception), this place still sees a fair share of ongoers who are willing to overlook the messy ambiance and lousy food just for the sake of lack of options. 

Happended to visit this place twice on consecutive days exactly due to above stated reason. 

The inner seating area was suffocatingly humid and a strange smell hung in the air so we decided to sit outside under the thatchet where some makeshift tables were arranged with stone slabs and a couple of wooden chairs all covered in dust from the on going traffic from the road. 

Ordered a plate of Paneer Pakodas and Masala Tea. And a Nachos platter 

Nachos were covered in cold salsa which appeared to be taken out straight out of refrigerator. They didn’t even bother reheating it in microwave. 

It tasted cold and insipid. Couldn’t finish it. 

Paneer Pakodas were average tasting but still were only mildly hot. They were either reheated or were left to get cold while they prepared the rest of the order. 

Also given the prices (INR 90 for a plate), the quality and quantity just doesn’t do justice to your taste buds or your pocket. 

The Masala chai followed suit and was only flavored with ginger and the milk was too thin. 

The Service is slow and the Value for money factor plunges really low as the prices simply doesn’t justify the service.

Wouldn’t be heading their way anytime soon.

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