Well THE ROYAL ROOT a new yet amazing place i would say hit the Jaipur right at the famous Crowne Plaza Tonk Road. Chic, gallant, classy is how I would describe the tasteful yet amaizng vibe of The Royal Root. Bringing back a hint of royalty into the lives of the ordinary, right from the authentic dishes in the menu to classy staff, this restaurant is the perfect place to celebrate small family gatherings.

Invited by Vivek, I had the privilege to be there for food tasting session. Although i wasn’t sure earlier if i would be visiting the place with my family or not because the place serves non-veg which is a lil problem for my Typical Agarwal Family. But with my pathetic convincing skills i still succeded to convince them eventually and hoped for good food so that they can actually enjoy.

Highlight of the day was the amazing royal authentic AWADHI CUISINE which was influenced by Mughals Dynasty known for their LAVISH dishes prepared with EXOTIC SPICES, HERBS and garnished liberally with dry fruits.

The restaurant has soothing dim lit hanging lamps with elegant interiors, which take care of the mood and forms the perfect essence of a peaceful dining place. Sober chairs with comfy cushions and spacious tables come together in a seamlessly classy manner leaving you feeling both comfortable and regal.

The food session started with welcome drink (will add name later) in a classy long glass accompained with Papads and amazing dips specially the orange one. These dips which turned out to be one of the favourites of the evening, when drizzled over, surprisingly did complete justice to the starters, overall made em succulent and tasty. I asked them for extra servings. 😋😋

Nadru ki Shami (4/5)
Versatile and delicious kebabs served on a perfectly tendered lotus stem base. As i mentioned in the previous blogs, that throughout my life, I had just tasted the tasteless and ugliest versions of lotus stem but Crowne Plaza somehow, always cooks them perfectly. (Last time ate at house of han) The relishing flavours, the appealing texture and the amazing aroma of this dish was mouth-watering and tempting. Couldn’t wait to finish them off 😋

Brocolli Dak Bangla (3/5)
Huge chunks of lush green broccoli marinated in cream cheese and mustard makes this appetizer a cut above the usual North Indian spread. It has a subtle yet flavoursome taste of mild spices and the goodness of cheese. Although the brocollis were yummy but the mustard sauce is what i dint like.

Awadhi Paneer Tikka (4/5)
Succulent cubes of silky soft paneer cooked in a lip-smackingly creamy cashew gravy, fragrant with cardamom and twist of green chillies.

Lachile aalo (4/5)
Baby potatoes marinated and stir fried with yogurt and tandoores in warm aromatic indian spices. Yummy !!!!💓💓

Rajgharane Ka Saag(5/5)
One of the chef’s specialties, personally I am not a big fan of greens but this preparation was amazing. It is wholesome, creamy thick textured spinach gravy strongly flavoured of garlic which added to the taste. TOALLY YUM!!!!!

Dal Makhani (100/100) [Must Have]
Best stuff of the evening, the reason for which i am gonna visit the place again and again. Prepared with generous helpings of butter and spices, this lentil dish was delightful. It leaves a rich taste in the mouth and you won’t be able to stop after one bite. SUPER!!!!

Panner Khada Masala (100/100) [Must Have]

Butter Naan (5/5)
Soft, crisp and drizzled with blobs of butter I enjoyed every bite of this freshly prepared bread.

Pudina Laccha Paratha (5/5)
Crisp perfectly tandoored laacha parantha with flakes of dried mint leaves. Works perfectly with heavy mains.

Kesari Angoori Rasamalai (3/5) in edible chocolate bowl was a unique presentation. The rasmalai bowls were soft, juicy and adequately sized dipped in generously flavoured saffron ras, only the chocolate was a lil out of taste, too hard and dry, which is guess needs to be worked on.

Paan Flavoured Ice Cream (5/5)
This dessert has an acquired Paan taste which had subtle beetle leaves flavour and sauf mixed in the ice cream. Worth a try. Loved it!!!!

As we all know, crowne plaza strengthened its endeavor to deliver inspiring and high valued services to it’s guests and the legacy followed again this evening. Without a doubt, I have to say that the evening was perfect for us because everyone seemed to love not only just the food, the ambiance and hospitality played a huge role which it was all spot on!!!! CHEERS!!!